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Teaching Philosophy

Start the student with sound tennis fundamentals at first.Build each and every tennis stroke step by step so that each new step fits logically in the previously learned step.By this method, the student never has to unlearn what they have already mastered.Unlearning,slows down the development of great tennis strokes.This step method avoids the following problems:



Not everyone can learn the most advanced tennis techniques.Even the greatest players couldn't learn the highest level of ALL their strokes.Teaching tennis beginners advanced strokes from the outset has caused all but the gifted few to give up in frustration.By mastering one step at a time, the student can fulfill their potential and enjoy doing it.



Trying certain advance tennis techniques before being physically ready is very risky. Adults as well as children have suffered injuries that have lingered for years from hitting tennis balls too hard too soon. If you have learned the step by step method,you can keep playing until an old age, when you will find out that your advanced tennis serve is causing pain. Playing on a level that does not cause pain is the key to having fun on the tennis court.


Playing tennis is a lot of fun if you are playing someone of your own level. By building your game step by step there is always going to be someone at your tennis level.


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